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Emanuel E Sharp Logo Hill, Jr. is a violist, arranger, and luthier in-training. A native of Lawrenceville, GA, he began studying music as early as age 6. Emanuel studied Music Education at Berry College in Rome, GA and later at Georgia State University in Atlanta.
As a performer, Emanuel is a frequent player with ensembles such as the Atlanta Pops Orchestra and Orchestra Noir. In addition to playing weddings, private events, and musicals/opera, he has also had the opportunity to play behind prominent artists, such as Rick Ross and Dexter Redding. His viola is a 16½” Tertis from Voss Violins, and a bow by Peter Prier.
Emanuel’s arrangements have been played from middle/high school ensembles to professional string sections. When creating music to be performed, Emanuel likes to keep the individual players in mind, as well as referencing other pieces of music as subtly as possible. His own compositions range from typical arrangements for string quartets or orchestra, to music presented in non-traditional formats.
Emanuel is currently studying violin making and repair at the Chicago School of Violin Making. In his free time, Emanuel enjoys taking in live-music, visiting museums, playing video games and TTRPGs, and listening to podcasts. As a self-described “armchair musicologist,” he also enjoys posting about music theory on social media.

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